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FAQs on Artificial Grass

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to reveal answers to FAQs about our artificial grass and installation service:

Artificial Grass Cost

The cost of artificial grass starts from about £20 per square metre. The actual cost will depend on your product choice. For example, if you want the most realistic and most durable lawn then you can spend more – see our products page for more details.

The cost will depend on the size of your garden and complexity of fitting the lawn.  We are extremely competitive in the market place and have a range of lawn to suit various budgets and requirements.  Typically our imitation grass ranges from £55-£75 per square metre, fully fitted. Click below for a free no obligation quote.

Yes – over a long term period.  Taking into account the price of water, fertiliser, weed killer, a lawnmower, a strimmer and electricity – the cost cost would be more for real grass over our 11 year guarantee period.  Not to mention the cost of your time!  Imagine never having to mow your lawn again.

Cheap artificial grass will often fade in sunlight and can contain chemicals such as lead, which are harmful to young children. Lusher Lawns only supply and install premium artificial lawns manufactured in Holland by Royal Grass®. You can easily find cheaper products elsewhere but we believe you will not find a better quality and more realistic artificial lawn than Royal Grass®. If you are looking for a safe and quality product then you will not be disappointed!

View our product page for more details including current prices and free samples:

Artificial Grass Products

Artificial lawns are great for children and pets. In fact a large percentage of our customers choose to install artificial grass because their real lawns are being damaged by children and/or pets. All of our lawns are highly durable and safe to play on every day of the year. Even when it’s raining or during the winter months and the great news is you will never have to clean up muddy footprints or paw-prints again! The soft, cushioned feel to artificial grass is great for running and rolling around on. It’s also highly durable and resistant to staining – so no more bald patches or brown spots.

Long gone are the days of plastic grass (astro turf). We’ve worked with and used many artificial lawn suppliers over the years and we commit to only using the most natural looking grass. Lusher Lawns offers the most innovative artificial grass products in the market. The unique shape and texture of our grass has been developed to provide a product that looks indistinguishable from natural grass. The backbone of the grass fibres make them stand up for a longer period of time versus other artificial grass brands. Don’t just take our word for it visit our Gallery page to see for yourself.

Royal Grass® is a brand of artificial grass manufactured in Holland.

Here at Lusher Lawns, we only supply Royal Grass® because we believe this is the most realistic and durable product available. Unlike some cheap products, it is also 100% safe for young children with no lead and no zinc. Royal Grass® has received awards in recognition of its high quality and safety. One such award is the Singapore Green Label.

Lusher Lawns is a Royal Grass® Premium Dealer.

If you are looking to buy the best quality artificial lawn then look no further because we are your official supplier and installer for Royal Grass®:

Lawn Installation Service

With Lusher Lawns you can expect:

  • A seamless finish
  • A quality lawn edge
  • A level lawn surface

Many inexperienced artificial grass fitters have installed a lawn where the seams are clearly visible. Artificial grass is always supplied in rolls of a maximum 4 metres width. If your lawn is greater than 4 metres wide then two pieces of artificial grass must be seamed together. It requires skill and experience to create the seam so that it is invisible. Here at Lusher Lawns, we always aim to install a level lawn with invisible seams and quality edges.

We have everything required to give you the best artificial lawn installation:

  • Expert fitting team
  • Quality materials
  • Specialist equipment

To discuss your artificial lawn installation, get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.

A typical artificial lawn installation involves the following steps:

  • Using a specialised sod-cutting machine we remove any existing turf or top soil to a required depth up to 100mm depending on drainage.
  • Specially treated wood or composite battens are secured to the garden perimeter to provide a study framework for fixing the lawn edges. This is hidden from sight under the artificial grass.
  • A layer of aggregate, usually type 1 MOT, is applied then levelled and compacted using vibrating plate machine.
  • A finishing layer of sharp sand is then applied and screeded to give a final natural level.
  • A high grade non-woven weed membrane is then installed. This increases the longevity of the artificial lawn by creating a barrier between the lawn backing and the abrasive sand, whilst also preventing any weed growth.
  • The artificial grass in then laid similar to how a carpet would be fitted and secured firmly on all edges with galvanised staples and high bond contact adhesive.
  • A final brush-up of the pile with our special power broom and your stunning artificial lawn is ready to be enjoyed all year round.

We use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure the optimum longevity of your artificial lawn.

Some artificial lawn installers promote the use of sand infill which primarily helps to make the grass stand up.  This is not necessary with our lawn due to the unique design of the grass fibres.  We also have found that sand infill can encourage surface weed growth.

To discuss which lawn would be the best for you get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote:

We are based in Oxfordshire but our installation service is available throughout the UK. As we are part of the Royal Grass® network of dealers, we can arrange for your installation to be carried out by the local team in your area.

An artificial grass installation service is available nationwide, throughout the UK. This is possible because we are part of the Royal Grass® network of dealers. Our office here in Oxfordshire specifically provides an installation service for most of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire.

Please get in touch wherever you are in the UK and we will be delighted to help move your project forward.

Lawn Maintenance and Warranty

Yes… but very little!

We recommend the following maintenance tips to keep your artificial lawn the envy of your neighbours for longer:

  • Remove leaves and other debris. It won’t damage the grass when they fall but it may affect the drainage if it builds up. You can use a brush, rake or leaf blower.
  • Remove any weeds. This is very unlikely with our lawns as we don’t need to use infill sand to keep the blades upright. We also use a heavy duty weed membrane between the sharp sand and the lawn which makes it impossible for weeds to grow through. You may get the occasional surface weed that should be removed.
  • Remove pet excrement and urine. Remove pet excrement as you would on real grass and if you want to be certain it’s clean we recommend rinsing with water. If your pets urinate very regularly on your artificial lawn you may also find that you need to rinse the grass to prevent odour build up especially in Summer months. Although with the amount of rainfall in the UK we find this is rarely an issue.
  • Avoid contact with acids, paint, glue and fire. This may cause damage, discolour, shrivel or scorch your grass. Keep those BBQs on the patio and away from your artificial lawn.
  • Brush your lawn every now and then. The lawns we use are specifically designed to stay upright for longer however, you may notice a flattening of the blades when you grass is used extensively. A quick brush will sort this out.

For more information, please read the official guide for artificial grass maintenance on the Royal Grass® UK website.

We provide a market leading 11 year UV-stability warrantee which beats most of our competitors. This is due to our commitment to only install the highest quality lawn. We also provide a 4 year installation guarantee but to date we’ve not had any of our customers have the need to use this.

For more information, please read our page on artificial grass technology:

All of our lawns are free-draining and stand up to the harshest winter weather including severe frost and heavy rain without sustaining any damage. So you can enjoy beautiful lawn every day for many years to come. The only thing we recommend to help prolong the life of your artificial lawn is to remove any fallen leaves in Autumn.

For more information, please read our page on artificial grass technology:

No. All of our lawns come with an 11 year UV-stability warrantee which means the colour will not fade or be affected by sunlight. And when you consider how many sunny days we get with the great British weather in reality your lawn could last many years longer!

Cheap artificial grass from other suppliers will often fade in direct sunlight. Whereas Royal Grass® is the highest quality imitation grass we can find and does not fade.

For more information, please read our page on artificial grass technology:

royal grass

Mr Belcher:

“The whole project is amazing, truly art on the ground. Many many thanks.”

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